QuickSpeech makes training a daily routine

Customer training

QuickSpeech offers you the optimal platform for customer training

Knowledge = loyalty: Customer loyalty

increases noticeably = more turnover

You have products that are focussed on a selected user group and require a lot of explanation. Your customer training programmes have a significant impact on your sales success and customer loyalty. It is therefore essential that your customers and their employees are optimally trained in the use of your products that require explanation. You want to get the best out of them. Their application knowledge defines performance - and your turnover.

Customer proximity

QuickSpeech offers nationwide access to your customers at any time and from any location.


Your certificates give your customers more seriousness in tenders.


Customer and brand loyalty increase noticeably. This results in an increase in turnover.

Your problem

Static, conventional training courses (face-to-face, e-learning) convey too much information in too little time.


The result: product and user information is largely forgotten within a few days and not passed on – no knowledge transfer.


The consequences: You cannot ensure that users use your products sustainably in the way you want them to – no lasting proof of application knowledge.


Valuable investments in product development and customer loyalty are lost due to a lack of feedback.


Not engaging and scalable.

And worst of all, they’re no fun.


You lack the ability to access and secure user knowledge.


Errors in product operation reflect on your products and your turnover.

Our solution

QuickSpeech offers you the ideal platform for customer training.


We or you create compact microlearning courses (also with video sequences) that are provided with licences.


The licences are issued to your customers (with payment). Their employees train your knowledge content (e.g. product knowledge) on a daily basis in a fun way.


You ensure a playful transfer of knowledge through gamification – and award sustainable certificates.


Your product team learns what is really needed by the users by means of targeted feedback.


You and your customers save an enormous amount of time and reach more users than ever before.

Your benefit

You get the playful opportunity to sustainably ensure and measure application knowledge.


You can easily create time and location-independent comprehensive access that motivates your customers (e.g. through rewards).


This allows you to reach far more users of your products among your customers. Their product knowledge is raised to the next level.


Your certificates give your customers more credibility in tenders.


You can resell your QuickSpeech licences and have QuickSpeech refinanced.


Dotted application feedback shows which additional Infor your users need.