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10 good reasons for QuickSpeech

Smartphone, tablet, desktop

Where your sales department is

QuickSpeech can be used on a smartphone, tablet or desktop – reach your users wherever they are.

Short daily portions, flashcards, videos and tasks offer complete flexibility. The daily training duration is between 2-3 minutes. Daily use creates a permanent, playful interaction with your sales training topics and makes training a daily habit.

Thanks to our playful training approach, you will experience a daily training participation rate of over 75%.

QuickSpeech picks everyone up

Simple operability

QuickSpeech is so effective because we experienced the problem ourselves in the past.

User-friendliness is the key! QuickSpeech is completely self-explanatory for every user.

The playful achievement of points is infectious: QuickSpeech feels more like a game than a training platform.

QuickSpeech helps you to integrate the training of your sales staff and your sales partners into their daily work. This way, everyone can apply what they have learnt and get all the important information quickly and easily.

And best of all: QuickSpeech is quick and easy to set up!

Magic awakens at the touch of a button!

Automated content creation

We have the solution for your automated and personalised content creation:

  • Microlearning is only as good as the content. You can have your environment automatically filled in just a few minutes.
  • Automation of personal effort
  • Your benefit: 98% time saving in content creation

Great individuality

Adaptive learning

Every user has his or her own personal level of knowledge and well-practised learning habits. Different interests and didactic patterns also play a major role in successful learning.

Our system recognises the individual learning patterns of each user and adapts the content precisely to their needs.


Your benefit:

  • Your employees are picked up precisely and feel understood.
  • Your employees enjoy learning more and can apply their knowledge immediately.
  • Companies communicate content more sustainably in less time and increase their sales by 10%.

We create, you benefit

Learning content service

Would you like to benefit from QuickSpeech, but currently only have outdated PDFs, PowerPoint or Word documents? No problem!


Our learning content service is a cost-effective offer in which our experts create microlearning programmes for you based on your existing learning materials.

Based on the desired scope, we will create your customised microlearning programme for you in just a few days!

Personalised rollout

Everything from one source

Employees and sales partners are also informed about important news in the news section of the platform.

We are happy to support you with customised communication concepts on request. These include explanatory videos and kick-off workshops.

With these measures, you ensure that everyone who sells your products or services understands the personal benefits of the platform when QuickSpeech is rolled out.

Do you already have an internal communication platform for your employees? No problem! QuickSpeech easily complements your existing platforms and can also be connected to them if required.


We support you with the planning of your training & communication strategy, have you accredited and even implement it on request.

Reward expertise

Point shop

Achieve your goals – earn rewards! If you wish, you can store rewards in our award-winning points shop. Your users can then exchange the points they have earned for rewards.

Hot tip: Even small vouchers or shopping baskets increase motivation even more.


Your employees or partners will be pleased and you will secure more sales thanks to the increased performance.

Practised performance management

Bonus levels

You measure the productivity of your users – but do you also continuously measure their knowledge?

You can use the bonus level function to upload the monthly target achievement of your employees or partners (e.g. turnover, number of phone calls, calls made).

Simply combine this data with knowledge points earned in QuickSpeech.

How does that work? Through levels:

For example, if a user generates 5,000 euros in sales and earns 100 points in QuickSpeech per month, these are multiplied by a factor of 1.5 at the end of the month. This means more redeemable points in the points shop.

Performance goals times knowledge points equals your qualitative performance score!

From sales managers for sales managers​

Admin dashboard

User-friendliness meets state-of-the-art technology: whether you assign information or create it yourself – everything works using the simple drag & drop principle.

You can play out different training content and messages, create courses and experience developments throughout.


Simple. Clear. Interface-compatible.

Mapping of your structure

Multiple levels - Clear responsibilities - Clear tracking

QuickSpeech allows you to assign responsibilities and roles to different levels.

For example, the regional sales manager is assigned his area and can inform and train his team.

The platform is therefore also successfully used for training external partners such as sales partners or franchisees.


And the most important thing: you can see the results of all the people who generate your sales.

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