With QuickSpeech directly into the salesperson's pocket

Employees without a desk

Over 80% of all employees work without permanent use of a PC. With QuickSpeech you can train and motivate your employees. Every day with small, easy-to-understand tidbits of knowledge: up-to-date and regionally customised.

Over 80% of all employees work without the permanent use of a PC. These employees have direct contact with your customers (e.g. in retail, field service, hygiene and security). It is therefore essential for your business success that these employees receive ongoing training. The personal needs and work processes of the employees should be taken into account.


Our special, internationally award-winning microlearning method saves 34% of time and is an integral part of everyday working life.

Daily updated

You can now send important, time-critical information to the relevant employees in a matter of seconds.


On average, 75% of employees use the playful platform every day. Continuous growth in knowledge guarantees sustainability.

Your problem

Employees without a desk lack constant access to further training and one thing above all: time.


Traditional training programmes convey too much information in too little time and are not tailored to individual needs.


The result: over 80% of the content is forgotten within 3 weeks – and worst of all: it’s no fun!


As a result, employees without a desk feel excluded and are not motivated.


The result is

  1. an uncoordinated, poorer customer experience
  2. a lot of coordination effort
  3. frustration due to poor training results.

Our solution

Employees without a desk are constantly on the move. With QuickSpeech you can reach them right there, because QuickSpeech trains your employees directly on the available end device.


Daily updates and small, easy-to-understand tidbits of knowledge take 2-3 minutes per day.


Generate a massive increase of 26% in sustainable application knowledge for the daily work of your employees.


Independent of time and place.


The QuickSpeech platform can also be played out over several levels – as in an organisation chart.


This means that different regional/division or team leaders with clear responsibilities can be interposed.


Feedback creates a simple, clear and constant flow of information.

Your benefit

QuickSpeech provides the knowledge you need to continuously train your employees without a desk.


Quick, simple tidbits of knowledge provide access to the prime time of attention.


This turns training into a fun daily habit.


Compact knowledge snacks also create a clear picture of what has been understood and what has not.


Thanks to real-time contact, you can also play out time-critical information (promotions or discounts) very quickly and easily.


Sending notifications to end devices (smartphones, tablets) is convenient, time-saving and simple.


Award-winning adaptive training meets playful acceptance of your employees without a desk.