The intelligent microlearning platform

The platform that sustainably increases your sales through playful training.

QuickSpeech is the intelligent microlearning platform that automatically motivates you to train every day and playfully trains you in short knowledge portions.

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Artificial intelligence

1. Internationally award-winning algorithm:
Your learning content can be created by our artificial intelligence in just a few minutes.

2. Adaptive Learning:
The system recognizes the individual learning patterns of each user and adapts the presentation of content to their needs.

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Companies that count on us:

What our customers say

Drei about QuickSpeech

"No one else has this," says 3rd Party Retail Sales Manager Thomas Dötzl


10 good reasons for QuickSpeech

1. Directly at the point of sale:

Smartphone, tablet, desktop – you reach users where they are.

2. Ease of use:

Easy to understand, self-explanatory and motivating for all employees.

3. Automated content creation:

You can have your environment filled automatically in just a few minutes.

4. Adaptive Learning:

Our system recognises the individual learning patterns of each user and adapts them precisely.

5. Learning content service:

Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you with content preparation.

6. Everything from a single source:

We are there for you with customised communication concepts.

7. Point shop:

You can store rewards in our award-winning points shop, which your users can exchange for points earned.

8. Bonus levels:

Performance goals multiplied by the knowledge points earned result in a higher performance score.

9. Simple dashboard:

Interface-compatible, clear, user-friendly.

10. Clear results:

Thanks to clear responsibilities and precise tracking, the results are clearly presented.

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QuickSpeech & Uniqa insurance

The use of QuickSpeech explained simply and clearly by Lukas Snizek in an interview with Patrick Gremlica.

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