QuickSpeech on site


QuickSpeech ensures safer working and fewer accidents

QuickSpeech automates instruction on construction sites.


Knowledge is imparted in daily, small, playful portions (gamification). This is hugely motivating!

On site

QuickSpeech is where your employees are:

On their tablet, desktop or mobile phone.


Automated tracking, reminders and notifications generate direct feedback from employees when needed.

Your problem

Compulsory training such as instruction must be carried out at regular intervals in accordance with the law.


Employees often have to repeat the same instructions at different locations.


This process is not person-related but location-related and costs a lot of time and money. This generates high administrative costs.


Conventional training concepts and instructions are selective and cannot ensure permanent application knowledge.


The result: Proof of instruction is therefore cost-intensive and possibly negligent.


Conventional instructions can therefore only insufficiently prevent accidents.


The consequences: An increase in the frequency of accidents, staff absences and possibly even critical legal consequences in terms of liability and documentation obligations.

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Our solution

QuickSpeech offers you the centralised and digital system for instructions and training certificates in construction.


The instructions are person-centred and no longer location-centred. Your training certificates are therefore available at any time with just one click.


QuickSpeech instructs your employees and partner personnel fully automatically and digitally. This saves a huge amount of time.


Mobile first: The platform can be operated intuitively 24/7 on any device (desktop/tablet/smartphone) regardless of location and time.


The application is issued to foremen and their employees and activated.


Knowledge is imparted at the user’s own pace, in a fun and exciting way.


Users can also achieve points and gain certifications through short daily training sessions.


The associated control tool (Admin Dashboard) puts you in the driver’s seat and puts knowledge management in your hands.


This allows you to specifically control the transfer of expertise in your manuals, instructions and directions.

Your benefit

QuickSpeech means safer working and fewer accidents.


Massive time savings through the automation of instructions.


Eliminate the risk of fraud through personalised instruction logic.


A selection of ready-made courses that are easy to use.

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