Attention at prime time for young people


QuickSpeech reaches young people on their favourite platform – the smartphone.

Knowledge content is communicated to apprentices in a playful and compact way.

With QuickSpeech, apprentices are picked up in their familiar, digital environment. With training content that is adapted to the new media, they train in playful learning portions and in less time! Expertise is deepened through daily interaction with the training content. By using the QuickSpeech platform, apprentices are picked up directly on their smartphones. The playful, daily training approach increases the motivation to learn and saves time in the further training of young people. Apprentices play in groups and thus also strengthen team spirit.


Young people are reached individually at the prime time of their attention.

New media

Apprentices are picked up with QuickSpeech on their favourite media: smartphone, tablet, desktop


Gamification elements make apprentices enjoy training, resulting in more interaction and more efficient training.

Your problem

TikTok, Instagram & Co.: Young people in particular consume content differently, much more fragmented and mobile first.


As a result, attention spans tend to be particularly short.


So it’s no wonder that conventional training opportunities such as outdated e-learning have a deterrent effect on them.


The young generation does not yet feel that they are being picked up enough by existing media, so they need to be reached on their media!


Due to their lack of professional experience, apprentices often do not dare to address points that they have not yet understood.


Knowledge content must therefore always be available and easy to access.

Our solution

QuickSpeech conveys training and communication in a fun way where your apprentices are: on their mobile devices.


We work with you to develop your personalised apprentice microlearning strategy – depending on the apprenticeship year and occupation: targeted, fast and effective.


Apprentices are kept informed in a focussed manner via crisp news articles.


Apprentices test their knowledge in groups using flashcards and quizzes and can become monthly knowledge champions.


Our best-practice guide for small rewards creates additional fun and success: 75% daily use by hundreds of apprentices speaks for itself!


Apprentices give specific and targeted feedback without hesitation.


Your apprentice managers can chat with them about it and stay in touch in a timely manner.


Finally speak the language of the new generation and secure the attention of your apprentices.

Your benefit

You train your apprentices in a fun way, the way they expect and love it!


Daily play in small portions ensures a knowledge increase of over 60% and an average daily participation rate of 75%.


You reach your apprentices at the prime time of their attention.


It offers your apprentices the opportunity to ask questions directly, easily and, above all, personally – without any shyness.


The training chat offers apprentices and apprenticeship supervisors the opportunity to improve the quality of their knowledge and help shape the training content.


By apprentices, for apprentices: Trainees are often used as additional training creators.


We don’t just offer the platform, we offer your success: our content team will be happy to develop a personalised success strategy for your apprentices.


QuickSpeech has thousands of training contacts with apprentices every day and already over one million interactions in the apprentice area.