QuickSpeech makes training a daily routine


The measured time saving with QuickSpeech is 34%.

No more manual re-running due to confusing training sessions. Instead, QuickSpeech gives you a 26% increase in knowledge.

The larger franchise systems become, the greater the coordinative effort required to ensure that the transfer of knowledge according to your franchise manual is successful. The success of franchise systems is based on the successful implementation of your franchise manual. For the franchisor in particular, it is critical to success that the knowledge and brand perception of your partners' employees can be guaranteed in a standardised manner.

Play every day

QuickSpeech is the playful training platform that makes training a daily habit.

Automated documentation

The results: Seamless, multi-level and clear knowledge management – automated know-how documentation.

Rapid onboarding

You offer your franchisees a platform that simplifies and accelerates the onboarding of new employees.

Your problem

The legal obligation to provide evidence (liability, documentation) for the implementation of the franchise manual poses a major challenge.


Sophisticated franchise manuals are difficult to digitise and difficult for your partners to implement in practice.


The result: Common training concepts and instructions are selective and cannot ensure permanent application knowledge.


The consequences: There is no access to measure what your partners have grasped and what they have not.


You cannot ensure that your partners have permanently grasped and understood your concept and can implement it down to the last employee.


This results in an enormous coordination effort that costs a lot of time and money.

Our solution

QuickSpeech’s knowledge management system communicates the content of your franchise manual digitally, simply and fully automatically.


The application is issued to franchisees and their employees and activated.


The knowledge transfer takes place in daily, small, playful portions (gamification).


Users can also earn points and gain certifications through short daily training sessions.


The associated control tool (Admin Dashboard) puts you in the driver’s seat and puts knowledge management in your hands.


This allows you to specifically control the transfer of expertise in your manuals, instructions and directions.

Your benefit

You measure the permanent application knowledge of your trainees through intelligent microlearning.


QuickSpeech shows you what your partners and their employees have really understood and what they have not.


Our multi-award-winning gamification approach provides you with implementation security right down to the last person.


The direct training and communication wire to your knowledge carriers provides concrete and up-to-date feedback from the POS. You learn digitally what is actually needed.


You also offer your franchisees a platform to accelerate and simplify the onboarding of new employees.


QuickSpeech gives you more time for the business itself. And the best thing is: QuickSpeech is a real employee favourite.