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Microsoft Office courses

Current courses with reports - can be booked individually or as a package

Course: Microsoft Teams in action

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading providers in the field of online collaboration. This course gives your employees a clear introduction to its use and uses tangible practical examples to explain how it works and the benefits it brings – your Microsoft Teams training packaged in a fun way.

Course: Microsoft Word for beginners

This course is perfect for all those who are using Microsoft Word for the first time. Step by step, this Microsoft Office course provides an introduction to the most successful text programme of all time. Playful basics brought to life and backed up with award-winning knowledge transfer?

Course: Microsoft Word for intermediates

Have you mastered the basics? Let’s move on! This course is aimed at all employees who work with Microsoft Word on a daily basis but are only aware of a small part of the possibilities that the programme offers them. Your employees will learn how to organise their daily work processes much more efficiently – your process management will be grateful!

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Course: Microsoft Word for experts

From section breaks and multi-page tables to labelling in mail merges: this course provides training in the advanced Microsoft Word functions that greatly simplify everyday work. This enables your employees to get the most out of the programme and make their work processes even more efficient.

Course: Microsoft PowerPoint for beginners

Presentations are a profitable way of communicating – if they are very well prepared. This course is a fun way to pick up all employees who have little or no experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. The basics of slide management, text and image editing as well as presentation techniques are trained – the next presentation is already waiting.

Course: Microsoft PowerPoint for intermediates

This course is suitable for anyone who has a basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint but still needs help to create their next presentation. In pleasant learning portions, in-depth knowledge on topics such as effect combinations, layer concepts and animation paths is trained here.

QuickSpeech makes Microsoft training a fun experience!

Course: Microsoft PowerPoint for experts

The big presentation: an interested audience, your employees in the spotlight! This course easily transforms every participant into a true Microsoft PowerPoint expert! Animations and colour harmonies perfectly matched to the pace of speech, creative hierarchies and interrelated elements. Curtain up!

Course: Microsoft Excel for beginners

Over 85% of all invoices worldwide are made in Microsoft Excel. Give all beginners a pleasant introduction to the programme with this Microsoft Excel training course, which will save you hours of calculating.

Course: Microsoft Excel for intermediates

This course is a must for anyone who only has basic knowledge of the number one calculation programme. Using real-life examples, participants are guided through advanced functions that save two things in particular in everyday working life: Time and nerves.

Course: Microsoft Excel for experts

Microsoft Excel has matured to such an extent that it can now perform many functions that other expensive calculation programmes used to be able to do. This Microsoft Office training course guides you through extensive functions such as the scenario manager, formula monitoring and querying external data using Microsoft Query. Book now and simplify your calculations in the long term!

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