SME Digital Funding

Get up to € 6.000,-
for your start with QuickSpeech!

You find microlearning exciting and could do with a bit of support for the launch of QuickSpeech.

Book a free, no-obligation promotional information meeting with Mario Typplt now:

Mario Typplt

certified digital consultant of the WKÖ and official funding consultant within the framework of "KMU Digital"

Mario Typplt is one of our QuickSpeech Enabling Partners

This is how it works:

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs has launched the KMU DIGITAL initiative in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The aim is to support the digitalisation of Austrian SMEs.


QuickSpeech can be funded as part of the digitalisation of the education and training process.


Be quick – the funding pot is limited and the rule is: “first come, first serve!”

“I’m looking forward to hearing from you.“


Mario Typplt | Certified Digital Consultant

6 steps to funding

1.You book an appointment with our certified funding consultant Mario Typplt for an initial information meeting.


2. Scheduling, submission & implementation of the online potential analysis.


3. Submitting an implementation grant


4. Once funding has been approved, QuickSpeech can be subsidised and the contract signed.


5. Start of system implementationand your personalised service.


6. You submit the setup costs and the licence costs for the first year and complete the funding! The subsidy is paid out.

What you get:

The KMU.DIGITAL subsidy grants a 30% subsidy on the purchase of QuickSpeech. You get up to € 6,000 back.

You can find more information on the “KMU Digital” website under funding conditions and in the FAQs.