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Course: Legal basics

This compliance training course provides a fun introduction to the legal basics and gives a detailed overview of responsibilities. Components and features of an optimal compliance strategy are covered and a comprehensive overview of the regulations is also provided – your employees will find all this packaged in a fun way in this course.

Course: Risk and opportunity management

There are some simple measures that make a major contribution to identifying risks at an early stage and minimizing or avoiding them. Other measures serve to identify opportunities and are also part of this course. In a playful way, this compliance training goes through essential components and provides tools for immediate use.

Course: Internal controls

Internal control management offers predictability and stability. Let your employees benefit from QuickSpeech’s crisply prepared learning portions. This compliance training course explains the introduction, objective, purpose, clear implementation and any corrective measures of internal controls – presented in a user-friendly way and ready for immediate use!

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Course: Compliance in administration

From travel requests and bookings to travel accounting: processes like these are omnipresent in companies, but are rarely understood by everyone involved. This course teaches compliance instructions in administration in a fun way using tangible examples. So that your processes run more efficiently in future!

Course: Corporate Governance

Often heard, rarely practiced: corporate governance. If communicated very well, it influences the attitude of employees and the long-term success of your company. This is exactly where QuickSpeech comes into play: goal, purpose and implementation conveyed crisply and, above all, realistically! So that your company’s governance is lived by everyone.

Course: Compliance in purchasing

In purchasing, everyone who makes effective use of the compliance system shines. In this course, let your employees benefit from practical examples of clear processes for purchase requisitions and approvals, purchase order acceptance and delivery. This course will save your company money.

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